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Basic Risk Assessment

In this video I talk about how to risk assess for suicide. This video will help inform viewers what to look for when they are worried that someone might attempt suicide. This video is intended to help viewers understand the basics of assessing the severity of thoughts of suicide. It is NOT intended to replace a training program. If you are in doubt please contact a professional, call 9-1-1 (in Canada/USA/Mexico) or a crisis line.

It's Okay To Talk About Suicide

In this video I talk about talking about suicide. I dispel 3 myths about talking about suicide; and help the viewer understand how to approach the conversation about suicide – whether it is someone else, or themselves who are having thoughts. I also provide some resources that anyone can reach out to.

Motivation Comes After

In this video I talk about motivation and the most common way that people inadvertently sabotage their own efforts to get things done.

My Feelings Aren't About You

In this video I talk about the how a person’s feelings are about their own experience, rather than about the person or thing that may have triggered them. Taking ownership and responsibility for one’s own feelings is very empowering. The other side of that coin is that the listener is not responsible for the speaker’s feelings. Being able to speak about your feelings, and feel heard, is a powerful part of a good connection with your partner.

Sleep Tips: The 4 Most Common Ways To Improve Your Sleep

Sleep Hygiene: In this video I lead viewers through the 4 most common things people do that negatively impact sleep, and tell you how to correct them. Addressing these issues has been clinically proven to improve your sleep quality and length. Be warned, you may have to make changes if you want to sleep better. What is poor sleep costing you? What are you willing to do to sleep better?

This video answers basic questions about therapy during the Covid-19 situation. It also provides some introductory resources and coping skills for those who are looking for help. Links: That one time I was on Ontario Today to talk about getting back together with an ex:...