About Marcus Kupila,

Hello! I am a Registered Psychotherapist (RP) and have a Masters in Counselling Psychology from OISE, the University of Toronto.

I work with adults, first responders, late adolescents with adult-centric issues, couples, and WSIB clients I completed my clinical training at the OISE Psychology Clinic on-campus in downtown Toronto serving the community and student body. I have specialized training as a result of four years of experience at The Calgary Distress Centre working with crisis management and helping individuals who experience suicidal ideation and self-harm.

When most clients come to me they don’t know where to start. Things have been difficult and they haven’t been able to overcome their problems alone or with the advice of friends. My clients need someone to listen, someone who knows about the fake face, someone who can help them understand “why”; and help them find a way to get healthy. At the U of T I learned to use research-supported methods to help clients be empowered and take control of their lives. I believe clients are always the experts on themselves and should be in charge of their therapeutic goals.

The most common issues I work with are anxiety & depression, stress, self-esteem/confidence, assertiveness, relationship difficulties (communication and emotional connection), and trauma. I also have experience with LGBTQ+ issues (gender and identity), substance abuse, dishonesty, Borderline Personality, Bi-Polar Disorder, academic/student concerns, and suicide & self-harm.

Crisis management is a large part of my practice because most clients like you seek out therapy when things are at their worst. I am here to listen. I am here to help you achieve stability and security in your life so you feel confident when moving on to the larger, or longer-existing, problems you face. I want to hear your story, and help you find your way forward. I use evidence-based approaches including CBT, EFT, Motivational Interviewing, and Brief Therapy (among others) to help clients reach their goals. I use these modes of therapy interchangeably by adapting to clients needs in the moment to customize my therapeutic approach in every session. My approach is client-centered and empathic, allowing clients to tell their story while providing the guidance and framework of my expertise and experience. Colleagues have best described my approach as “Push-Pull”.

I am registered with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO, crpo.com) and the Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals (OAMHP).

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