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I specialize in a few primary couples issues – de-escalation (anger, reactivity etc), communication, and the emotional connection. I am a sex-positive therapist; meaning I believe sex and sexual desires are a healthy, normal part of a relationship and are good to talk about. I am however NOT a sex therapist (that is an area for further development).


When most clients come to me they don’t know where to start. Things have been difficult and they haven’t been able to overcome their problems alone or with their friend’s advice. You need someone to listen, someone who knows about the fake face, someone who can help them understand “why”; and help you find a way to get healthy.

Late Adolescence

Adolescents face their own special challenges at their stage of life. Changes in their place in the world, personal agency, developing sexuality, and being prepared for their roles as adults. My work with Adolescents is primarily when they are facing greater challenges than the norm for their age group, such as thoughts of suicide, trauma, and other adult-centric issues. To this end, I see primarily teens from 15yrs old on to help them understand, face, and improve difficulties in their lives.

First Responders

First Responders have unique challenges. They (you?) see and experience things most people do not. The requirements of the job influence their home lives in ways the majority of even demanding careers do not. That’s why I have additional training as a Certified First Responder Counsellor to add to my experience.


Thoughts of Suicide? Self-Harm? Feeling overwhelmed and out of control? There are many ways to think about or define crisis. With specialized training, a soft approach, and 4 years of experience on a suicide hotline I am well equipped to help clients when they are in greatest need. When you just need things to stop. The first step is the most difficult – to reach out. I will be here when you are ready.

Toronto Distress Centre – call 416-408-4357, or text 45645

Calgary Distress Centre – call 403-266-4357, or online chat

Latest Video

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Book your 50 minute or 90 minute session with me