Q) How are you doing therapy during the Covid-19 pandemic?

A) I am doing mostly virtual therapy, restricting in-person appointments only to my office in Whitby. Masks are required and the office screens for symptoms in accordance with guidelines. All sessions in Toronto are currently done remotely via phone and video (Jane, Skype, and Zoom).


Q) How much does therapy cost?

A) It really depends on a few things. My standard fee is $180 per session (doesn’t matter if it’s individual or a couple). BUT – If you require a psychologist in order to submit your receipt for reimbursement, then I would need to have you as a client at a specific clinic, and adhering to that clinic’s billing practices – and the requirements of the College of Psychologists of Ontario under whose jurisdiction I would be practicing if I am operating under a psychologist’s registration – then the fee varies. Contact me for directly for more specifics.


Q) Where do you practice?

A) Toronto and Whitby, Ontario. In person I practice at Comrie Counselling in Whitby Ontario; In Toronto practice remote therapy via phone or video depending on the client’s preference. I may resume in-person sessions in Toronto in the future.


Q) If I want an in-person session how do I go about requesting it?

A) Currently you would contact Comrie Counselling in Whitby at 905-718-3383 to arrange an in-person session, or you could click this link.


Q) How is payment processed?

A) Payments are processed electronically through Jane (my booking system). I accept credit cards and ETransfers.


Q) How are receipts handled?

A) Receipts are emailed, so you must have a valid email address.


Q) How do I contact you?

A) You can email me at marcusatgreyzonetherapy.com, via my Psychology Today profile,, or by phone at 647-243-649O. I can also be reached by Morse code, but there will be a delay while I learn it.